‘Booking directly through their website [instead of VRBO] saved us $1500’: 24 Life tips that are so smart, they feel illegal

Who was always the person who gave you the best advice? Was it your grizzled high school sports coach? Was it your wild college best friend? Or was it someone more traditional like your cargo-short-clad, dear ol’ dad? Nowadays, it’s hard to gauge the kinds of folks we can trust. With everything moving online, our human receptors to assess reliability have been blocked, making us wonder who has our back. For people who have ever been sucked into a pyramid scheme or have gotten added to an unwanted email list, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. 

However, the Internet isn’t all bad. In fact, some anonymous white knights out are happy to share their infinite wisdom with us. Unlike your high school acquaintance who’s attempting to sell 10 bottles of supplements from their latest vitamin cleanse, these sage gurus have nothing to gain by sharing pro tips that have advised them and served them well throughout the years. These genius hacks are not only reliable, but they can potentially change the way we go about life by saving us time, money, and a little sanity. 

Scroll onward to power up your brain mojo with this week’s best life pro tips!

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